Social and Emotional Wellbeing (SEWB)

Katungul offers several services targeting the social and emotional wellbeing of Indigenous people and their communities.

The Narooma clinic provides a registered Mental Health Nurse who is available every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am to 5pm. A range of counselling services are available, including the following:

• General counselling • Social work (assistance with Centrelink and housing) • Probation and parole counselling
• Depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress • Substance misuse • Domestic violence • Panic disorders
• Referrals to detox for drug and alcohol misuse

Services are accessible from Wallaga Lake to Batemans Bay. Home visits are also available. The Bega clinic hosts a psychologist every second Thursday. General counselling is offered by appointment from 9am to 5pm on these days. In addition, Katungul has an Aboriginal outreach worker who can assist Aboriginal people in a number of areas.

Counselling or referral to:

• Support & Advocacy • Housing • Drugs & Alcohol • Liaison • Case Management • Basic Social Work
• Gender-Specific Programs • Mediation & Mentoring

Get In Touch

If you require support and/or assistance with this service please contact Stephen Kelly on (02) 4476 2155.
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