Our Future

Our Future

The Future of Katungul

Katungul is dedicated to maintaining its viability as a community-controlled corporation. We are striving to regain our status as the service of choice for the local Indigenous community. Katungul is focused on:

- Engaging and reassuring the community to guarantee the future of Katungul. We know who you are. We know what you need. We are your health service. Let us help you.
- Aligning the Bega and Narooma clinics to ensure they operate as a single entity.
- Re-establishing and re-engaging with key direct stakeholders. Katungul recognises that the fundamental stakeholder is the community itself. Without community support, there is no Katungul.
- Rebuilding relationships with external stakeholders and partners, including the following:

• OATSI NSW Health Wandarma (The Lyndon Community) • Southern NSW Medicare Local (formerly SGPN) AH&MRC

By rebuilding trust within existing relationships, Katungul will be able to better serve the community and increase access to health services for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Katungul is already in the process of reconfirming our relationship with Greater Southern Area Health Service (GSAHS). GSAHS will now provide Allied Health professionals to Katungul, offering a broader range of services and treatments to the local community.

Making Changes for the Future

Furthermore, Katungul has implemented a new rule book which sets out several structural changes within the organisation. These include:

- The appointment of a new board, consisting of six to eight members. The majority will lie with community or member directors from local Indigenous communities. These directors may appoint two specialist non-member directors who will participate as equal members of the board.
- The need to implement an Audit and Risk Committee who will support the board and increase the capacity of the board to make and manage decisions. This will add to the accountability process and improve transparency.
- Katungul has a new corporate structure that will make the organisation more efficient and effective. These changes see the finance manager and clinical manager positions removed and replaced with operational level managers who offer a hands-on managerial approach.

These structural changes are in the best interest of the community. They will help reduce the risk of fraudulent behaviour witnessed in the past and reinstate trust between board members, key stakeholders and the wider community.

Katungul is optimistic about the future. We are focused on the needs of our members and patients, and regaining our title as the service provider of choice for Indigenous people on the Far South Coast. We look forward to you joining us on this journey to better health and community wellbeing.
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