Administration Services

The administration services of Katungul are the backbone of the organisation. Without administrative staff, the day-to-day functioning and funding Katungul receives would cease to exist.

The administrative staff is responsible for the smooth running of Katungul’s services. They look after:

• Medical scanning and filing • Dental scanning and filing • Data entry • Phone calls and booking appointments
• Booking transport for patients in the community • Supporting clients wherever possible
• Liaising with doctors, nurses, dentists, Aboriginal health workers and external health professionals

The Medicare manager is an integral member of the administrative team. It is their responsibility to take care of the billing, processing and receipting processes that enable Katungul to offer a bulk billing service – free of charge.

The administrative staff also works on drafting and submitting funding applications. When granted, these funds enable Katungul to provide the high quality, culturally specific treatment to which the community has become accustomed.
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