About Us

About Us

The History of Katungul

The Katungul Aboriginal Community Corporation and Medical Service (ACC&MS) provides health care to the Koori people on the Far South Coast of New South Wales. It first was established when Ghuryungan, Markarling House and Narooma Community Centre - three Aboriginal communities - joined forces in 1993.

The aim of establishing Katungul – a community-controlled organisation – was to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and provide culturally appropriate health care to the Koori people. 

When the Narooma clinic opened its doors, the service was well received. Doctors were completely booked and Indigenous people were eager to seek treatment. The Koori people had access to their own primary health care service.

Katungul quickly expanded to meet growing demand, opening clinics in Moruya and Bega. Outreach and specialist programs were also developed to serve surrounding areas and provide Aboriginal-specific health care.

In 2011, the Moruya clinic was forced to close due to a lack of funding. Katungul is now in the process of rebuilding and is focused on the future of community-controlled primary health care for Indigenous communities on the Far South Coast.

We Have Three Convenient Locations 

Katungul currently has three clinics that offer medical, dental and specialist services; one in Narooma, one in Bega and our newest clinic in Batemans Bay. Outreach programs and specialist programs are still in place to aid the Koori people.

Katungul serves communities from Eden to Batemans Bay.
Katungul Organisation Structural Chart
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